Tips on Choosing A Commercial Cleaning Company

There are a number of benefits to be realised when securing the services of a commercial cleaning company, both within the home and office setting. Specifically within the office environment a business should be kept spotless to ensure a professional image is conveyed to both customers and staff at all times.

Taking into account the necessity of keeping a business or office space clean and tidy one has the option of staffing a team in house, and managing this on an ongoing basis. However this added human resource and staffing expense is often times excessive, not to mention the cost of cleaning equipment and supplies. The use of a commercial cleaning company will not only ensure that these excessive costs and expenses will in all likelihood be reduced, but the application of the actual cleaning and related services will be provided on a professional and quality based manner. Assuming of course that you implement some of the checks recommended below when hiring your preferred commercial cleaning company.

One should consider the track record of the company or companies you have shortlisted as a prospective supplier for your commercial cleaning requirements. The analysis of this can be via referrals or customer testimonials, and which a truly committed and professional company will be all too happy to provide. For those lacking any such testimonials may well have a tarnished background, of which you may wish to stay clear of. The track record of a commercial cleaning company will also provide the amount of time that the business has been operating, and companies that have been around for a while are normally extremely proud of that fact, and in which their commitment is clearly evident.

There are a number of categories when it comes to commercial cleaners, some of which will only take one the larger corporate contracts, whilst others will focus on the smaller ones and then of course some will provide their services across the spectrum, to both big and small customers. One may wish to ascertain this beforehand to ensure that you will not be wasting your or the prospective commercial cleaning company representative’s time.

Obviously costing and pricing is very relevant within the selection process, as well as whether the commercial cleaning company offers any contractual discount options, which can be considered when looking to reduce the outsourced cleaning function. One will often times find that a once off cleaning contract will be somewhat more costly than that of a contracted option, thereby making it well worth considering for your business cleaning needs.

Adequate qualifications, experience and insurance are crucial elements within this decision-making process. In the event of the latter occurring one will want the peace of mind that any such incident will be covered by the commercial cleaning company or their insurers. The aspects of qualifications and experience are also normally forthcoming within companies who have vetted their employees, something of which is normally advertised by the company concerned.

Select Your Bathroom Style And Then Your Bathroom Countertop

Now that you’ve decided to change your bathroom countertop you need to start by selecting your bathroom style. Once you’ve chosen a style that reflects your personal tastes you will be able to quickly and easily give your bathroom a facelift and you’ll choose the perfect countertop.

1. Country Bathroom

Think warm, cozy, and inviting. Choose earth colors and pastels for your countertop. Use vintage fixtures. Floral patterns work fine for shower curtains, window dressings, and towels. Add a wicker basket then fill it full of soaps, shampoos, and tissues. Add a perfume bottle collection to the wall shelf.

2. Contemporary Bathroom

You’ll want crisp, clean lines, and that means your countertop would look great in marble, stone, or stainless. Tile or wood floors look great and make sure your window dressings, shower curtain, and towels are all solid colored and sleek. Avoid clutter.

3. Traditional Bathroom

Who says a bathroom can’t portray glamour? Your countertops should be porcelain or marble in tones that have flicks of gold or silver. Fixtures should be brass or gold plates and floral fabrics look great. Gild finishes on accessories looks great.

4. Nautical Bathroom

Nautical bathrooms are great! Think shades of blue including for your countertop. Add shells and bring the ocean to your bathroom. There’s many different ways to achieve your nautical theme. It can be fun or it can be more traditional and refreshing.

5. Your Theme

Since it’s your bathroom why not make your own theme? What do you love? What’s your favorite color? Why not turn it into your new bathroom theme? Choose countertops that are versatile and flexible.

6. Southwestern

Do you love North American native art? Is the dessert your idea of beautiful? Have you got a knack for growing cactus? Then why not make it your next bathroom theme? Navajo looks great and a granite or stone countertop is perfect.

Your choices for bathroom countertops is endless. From fun to luxurious there’s plenty of choices. Here are some tips worth considering.

1. Think luxury add marble and wow you’ve made quite an impact. Marble does however scratch and it can stain.

2. If you want a level of sophistication that makes a dramatic impact and is durable and almost indestructible then granite is what you need. And great news – it’s also very affordable.

3. Stainless is trendy and very vogue. In fact there is nothing as vogue as stainless currently is and it looks clean and stylish.

4. Butcher block needs the right bathroom to look good and then it looks really rich. Remember to seal the wood.

5. Terra cotta looks fabulous in almost any bathroom.

6. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and pattern so matching a bathroom décor is never a problem. They are easy to care for and very durable.

7. Wood gives a nice traditional finish that’s warm and inviting. Be sure to apply a polyurethane sealer to protect the wood.

8. The right bathroom looks great with glass countertops. In fact there’s nothing that looks more contemporary. Glass can be rather fragile and it does scratch so not recommended for a high traffic bathroom.

Isn’t it time your bathroom had the same attention you’ve given the rest of your home’s décor? Why not start with a new bathroom countertop?

Tips on Creating a Great Bathroom Design

When you think about, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home. As a result, it only makes sense that you should choose a great bathroom design for your home. The current trends in bathrooms is to make them a personal retreat for home owners and family members, reward yourself and come up with a great bathroom design for your home.

Today’s bathroom designs leave fairly limitless options to homeowners seeking to create their own personal retreat from the world and the rigors of daily living. The truth is that with all the options available it’s fairly difficult not to have an awesome bathroom. If you are still having difficulty envisioning the finished product here are a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

Rather than going with tired wood or metal shelves in your bathroom, consider a bold move such as wicker or clear plastic shelving. You might also consider creating a palette of colors that have been mixed and matched when it comes to paint and flooring or other decorations. Additionally go with designer colors for your porcelain fixtures if that floats your boat, it is your retreat after all. You do want to make sure that the colors you select are complimentary and that you can find decorative touches, towels, shower curtains, and other accents that will also work well with the colors you’ve selected.

You can add a more intimate atmosphere to your bathroom by adding potted plants, flowers in vases, or some sort of seating (consider a rocking chair with pillows) or materials such as leather or fur to give your bathroom a more exotic appeal.

If you’d love a new look for your bathroom but are operating on a very limited budget, try a new shower curtain. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference this one touch will make to the overall look of the room. You can find shower curtains to suit all kinds of tastes, interests, and quirks on today’s market.

If you’re really willing to get creative, consider a theme for your bathroom. Popular themes for bathrooms include beaches or rivers. These are very natural themes that can be quite attractive. For a rive theme you could buy tiles that are made from river rock or for an oceanic or beach theme you could elect to go with seashells in acrylic. For a tranquil touch, try adding a fountain.

If you are seeking inspiration for the perfect bathroom design you shouldn’t have to look very far. There are wonderful ideas all over the place simply waiting for the creative eye to catch. The next time you are out and about for an evening on the town take a moment to check out the restrooms and see what ideas present themselves for decorative spice. Magazines concerning bathroom remodeling abound and are excellent resources for current trends in bathroom design. If you’re really savvy you’ll find a magazine that is devoted to redesigning your bathroom on a budget. You can also check out television shows that focus on do it yourself projects for remodeling bathrooms–there are plenty from which to choose.