Go Oriental in Your Home Decor!

As you go around your house and look at each item of decoration, you notice that everything seems to look so ordinary. You look back and realize that every time you choose decorations for your home, you end up with the same conventional theme and have never really tried any other decor style. Do you feel like it is time for change? If you want to try out something completely new, something you’ve never tried before, why not go oriental in your home decor!

Oriental home decors usually give an air of elegance to the room. They are usually known for elaborate yet warm designs that imbue their surroundings with an air of elegance. At times, they even send out an impression that royalty lives in a house that is designed with an oriental theme. This is also one of the reasons why you are sure to find some element of Oriental decor in almost every palace or embassy office anywhere in the world.

So when you want to go for an oriental look for your home, choose those that are oriental in nature. What would work best are Oriental rugs of different designs, shapes, and colors! Most of them are made in Eastern areas but can also come from Iran or Turkey. Oriental rugs are further subdivided into groups depending on where they originated. Examples of these groups are the Chinese, Persian and Turkish rugs. One of the traits of a genuine oriental rug is that it is hand-woven and those that are machine made are not considered authentic types.

Rugs that are made into oriental home decor usually have designs that match different personalities. Based on colors, design, and material used, they are able to express individuality and so most home decorators favor them. They come in earth colors that are dark and rich like gold, black, blue, and crimson accentuated with ivory, white or plum for a glamorous and antique look. Their patterns and designs lean towards complex, playful and luxuriant.

There are many oriental rugs including those that have unique designs or those featuring characters of Persian or Chinese origin. These types of rugs are not only valued because of their authenticity but because they reveal the colorful history of rug making in these areas.

Oriental home decor is suited for contemporary and modern living despite their antique look. Oriental rugs that are made from natural materials like wool or silk are used when you want to have luxurious floor coverings. Nowadays, there are reproductions based from authentic oriental decors that are more affordable for average consumers.

If you are tired of the same old look and have decided to re-decorate your home, go for the oriental look. There are countless oriental home decor options to choose from and you are sure to find a piece that would suit your taste and also fit into your available space. Think of it as a good investment as Oriental decor is timeless and is likely to be in vogue for several more years to come.

Using Western Thows To Decorate Your Home

Throws with a western pattern can serve two purposes. They are wonderful to snuggle under during the chilly evenings or simply to keep warm during the winter months. Not only are they useful, they are excellent pieces to decorate your home. Since there are numerous patterns and design, as well as color and textures, they will add an interesting concept to the eye and stay functional.

Throws with a western theme offer many designs and color pallets that blend into any room, making them easy to add to your decor. Throws are made with different materials and fabrics which include fleece, organic cotton, microfiber suede and wool. A throw is known for adding instant color to solid pieces of furniture such as a comfy sofa or love seat. However simple this seems, there are a few things to consider that will help you obtain that special look for which you are striving for.

Check out the room’s decor. A throw with a western theme will likely feature rustic tones that may be picked up better visually, when other items in the room have a similar hue. If you notice many items in the room, including the furniture, are solid or plain in color, seek a throw that has a bold pattern, design or some type of embellishment that can be draped over the couch to add a dramatic look.

When you drape your throw, have it fall both on the front and back of your love seat or couch. A solid color blanket may be used under your throw on furniture pieces to create a different look. Plush chairs and recliners look wonderful draped with a throw as well.

You can even use a throw over your bed comforter. Dress you your light color comforter with a vibrant throw which offers colors like yellow, orange or turquoise. Consider using a throw folded lengthwise at the bottom of your bed. It’s a decorative way to have the throw on standby in case you need additional warmth on chilly nights.

Your throw can even have a seasonal, decorative use in your room. Among the throws available are ones that feature festive and cheerful patterns making them ideal to use during the holidays. Your throws should be changed from room to room in order to keep your decor interesting. You may also wish to reverse your throw and offer a different look due to the texture and coloring shown on the back side.

If you would like to add comfort and warmth to your home, you may wish to incorporate a western throw or two. While throws featuring a western theme are useful investments, you must understand methods used to care for them in order to maintain their vibrant bold color designs. Western throws make great accent pieces for the living room and bedroom areas, while helping pick up decorative details throughout the room.