Floor Paints and Its Various Types

The floors can be made quite usable without renovation by using different kinds of floor paint for different floors. In this article, you will find some paint that you can use in order to make your room beautiful than ever.

Concrete floor paint:

There are several different types of paints that can be used for concrete floors for instance; in latex, epoxy and alkyd bases. These concrete give a good finished look to the concrete floors and make them resistant to oil, grease and water etc. If you want to avoid slips you have to add additives.

Several companies produce these paints and there are several brands available. They use different combinations to produce various types of finished looks. For example:
• Sealer with wet look
• Lower luster sealer
• High gloss

Epoxy based product:

Another type used is epoxy paints which are really the best choice for durability. It is further divided into two parts:
• Water based
• Oil based

The oil based epoxy paint is long lasting but is unhealthy while water based paints are quite easy to manage. Depending on the type of your floor such as your garage floor or porch, you can use different floor epoxy.

Garage floor painting:

The garage gives your garage floor the beautiful look like an auto showroom. This type of garage its protection is durable, tough, and oil resistant and withstands most chemicals that are tough on regular paint. Many types of paints and decorative concrete for garage and basement floors are now available in different style while some of them are specially made for the basement and garage floors. As a matter of fact, using this kind of coating for your garage floor will not only make your garage look aesthetically nice, but it will also make the concrete on your floor more durable as well.

Industrial floor coating:

Another very decent example of coating for floor that will be the best to apply in industrial zones and centers is Epoxy Floor Resin. That floor coating will be used directly on the already existing coatings without any problem and it is good for use in confined areas like industrial floors.

The industrial paint popularity has increased greatly in current times. The hard yet elastic paint is successfully and extensively utilized in industries.

Skip paints:

These are readily drying alkyd mastic built top coat. Skip paint provides a cost efficient attractive gloss covering perfect for industrial places where suitable resistance to paraffin, mineral oil and petrol spillages is needed.

While doing painting anywhere, color and area have to be considered. You can use in places where good lighting is important, e.g. kitchen and bedrooms etc. It is suggested to choose a paint color that reflects light rather than absorbs. Moreover, darker colors look like the more practical choice in places like garage and patio etc.

Laminated Floors For Houses

Laminate flooring is a popular option for homeowners as it is easy to install, keep clean, and is cost effective. Laminate flooring is so called since multi-layered synthetic flooring products laminated together. The laminates are of different categories and styles such as,

Glue less flooring which is mainly opted by most of the house owners. Glued laminate, where the joints are glued together and it needs more time and cost than glue less. The third variety is that Pre-glued in which the joints have a glue already and they just require some moistening before joining. In this category, the laminate flooring comes with an adhesive at the back covered with a piece of paper or plastic which can be peeled off when it is to be used. Generally before installing the flooring, under pad has to be laid for cushioning and sound absorption. Laminate floors also come in many different shapes, colors, and designs which is also another reason for its popularity. Most the laminate flooring’s are in the shape of square with 12 inches, 8mm thickness and they come in boxes with 12 to 30 pieces. The laminate floors are very easy to install and it can be installed by the owner itself. Similar to the square shaped flooring’s, there are also rectangular based flooring’s which resemble wooden planks available in different flavors to decorate the floor. The laminate floors are made of different wood materials such as, hardwood, bamboo, Brazilian cherry and oak etc.

Laminate floors are also classified according to AC rating which is abrasion class which determines the durability of the lamination flooring suitable for living room, dining room. They are Moderate Residential which is for light residential use mainly for bedrooms and closets. Heavy residential which is for high traffic rooms where more people come. General Commercial AC style is suitable for residential use and high traffic commercial spaces. It is generally suitable for offices, cafes, boutiques. Heavy Commercial AC flooring is suitable for high traffic commercial space. It is compatible for government buildings and department stores. Generally more the AC rating cost will also go up accordingly.

It is very essential to maintain the laminate floors regularly. It should be kept clean and it should be free of dust, dirt and sand particles which may scratch the decorative surface over time in high-traffic areas. It is necessary to maintain the laminate relatively dry, moisture can cause the planks to warp, swell and crack. Although some of the latest models come up with water-resistance, protecting the laminate from moisture should be the taken into account. Damp proof membranes should be installed sandwiching the sub floor and the underlay. These membranes are a sheet of plastic, normally 5mm in thickness, which shields the flooring against moisture. There are ample companies coming up with large variety of designs, styles and colors. It is the owners’ smartness to choose the best design which is suitable for his house. A foam underlay is also installed as a latest designs to level out any sub-floor irregularities and absorb sound.